Knights of Columbus

History and Present Status of our Council:


The St. Pius X Knights of Columbus Council # 11589 was chartered on the 29th of May, 1995 at the initiative of our Parish Priest, Monsignor Pedro Lopez Gallo.  It was his vision to establish a school in the Parish.  One of the concerns brought forward by the Archdiocese in securing permission for this venture was that there was no “Knight of Columbus” Council active in the Parish.  Until that time, only an informal parish “men group” had come to work together on some occasional projects in the Parish.  To remedy the situation, Monsignor Gallo appointed a group of men in our Parish to research and eventually establishes a Council for St. Pius X.


A key figure in building the council was Mr. Tom Tylka.  As the Council’s first Grand Knight, he is credited for being the driving force in building the initial membership and furthering the objectives of the Council for several years.


Over the years, Council has provided leadership, support, and resources while working productively with other Parish groups to further the objectives of the Council and our Parish.  The efforts of Council over these past 16 years were critical in establishing the St. Pius X Elementary School and since its inception has raised $120,000 + for the school.  Dances, a unique Government funded gaming program, flower sales, pancake breakfasts, potlucks and numerous other activities were implemented by the Council to raise these funds.  At present, the St. Pius X School provides Council with an annual “wish list” and Council spends the year raising the funds to grand those “wishes”.  In 1999 Council won the prestigious BC/Yukon Council Award, the most prestigious award a council can earn and in 2006-7 Council also won the Service Program Award, the only one in the District.


The following is a list of organizations and ministries the Council has supported over the years through donations of up to $200.00:

Covenant House, Birthlight, N.S. Pro Life, A Seminarian, Student Bursaries, Mexican Orphanage, Families in need, 50th Anniversary Msgr. Gallo, Hall Renovations, Wheel Chairs of Afghanistan, NS Festival of Lights, North Shore Hospice, Pennies from Heaven, World Eye Glass Program and other worthwhile programs.


While our membership is proud of our Council’s successes it is also aware that there are challenges to improve organization, communication, spiritual growth, membership renewal, attendance, education, and promotional development.


The Executive is determined to overcome these obstacles through the careful development of a comprehensive, strategic plan that all members can take ownership of.