The Catholic Women’s League (CWL) is the largest national organization of Catholic women in Canada, rooted in gospel values, calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God.  Members enjoy personal and spiritual growth, friendship, and fun as they concern themselves in the following activities:


Spiritual Development: Under this standing committee, the members of the CWL experience spiritual growth through the study Catholic teachings and the role of women and lay persons in the Church.  We participate in evangelization and mission work, ecumenism, and inter-faith endeavours.


Christian Family Life: Members dedicate themselves to protecting marriage and uphold the sanctity of life. We participate in outreach ministries devoted to the youth, seniors, the disabled, the widowed, and the separated or divorced.  We promote vocations to the priesthood.


Community Life: The dignity and rights of every person are of deep concern to the members of the CWL and we are active in promoting social and economic justice within Canada and outside its borders.


Education and Health: The CWL supports Catholic educational institutions and catechesis for children and adults.  At St. Pius X, the CWL sponsors the annual literacy contest  in our elementary school and contributes to a bursary for students of St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School.  We are also engaged in issues concerning wellness and sickness/disease, environmental issues, and genetics.


Communications: Each member receives The Canadian League  magazine three times per year.  We utilize various forms of media for the purpose of evangelization, and monitor and promote good and ethical content in public media and broadcasting.  We actively advocate against all forms of pornography.


Other standing committees include:

Organization: to maintain membership records and provide opportunities for leadership development;

Resolutions: to research and prepare resolutions and briefs calling the members of the League to action, to study and implement resolutions passed by other levels of the league, and at the provincial and national level, to present resolutions to government; 

Legislation: to monitor and study legislation at all levels of government.


General meetings take place at 7:30 p.m. on the 3rd Thursday of every month in the parish meeting room.  Mass or recitation of the Rosary in the church at 7:00 p.m. precedes the meetings.  There is a place for you in the CWL – come and see!